IT Solutions

Profile Corporation an advanced IT solution services company in Qatar that improve the way you do business today, permitting you to embrace the technologies that encourage your company’s future evolution. As of customer assignation to technology execution to service delivery, our IT solutions and services company give you access to our competence, in innovative technologies backed by our proven track records along the entire IT lifecycle.

With the commencement of high-tech inventions popping up around the world on daily basis, safeguarding your company with the best IT solutions services is essential. Whether you are moving from your current environment, rolling out a new system, or considering a new technology, Profile Corporation’s IT solutions and services will help to direct you with the best choices and tasks skillfully, ensuring in an increased IT efficiency, service quality, and end-user experience. We are able to guide you and support you in search of the right system for your company requirements.

Structured Cabling & Networks

Profile Corporation concentrates on the design and installation of structured cabling and networking elements around the state of Qatar with a prominence on new construction and corporate rearrangements. The advantage of using a structured cabling system provides a platform for the transmission and transference of audio, information, and media across business offices, college, school and their campus. Whether your network is ten computers or ten buildings in a campus environment, we can afford the copper and fiber cabling needed to connect to the LAN.

The structured Cabling and networking is an essential component of any corporate IT network, it is substantially important that the correct solution is installed and verified for performance. Thus, our cabling and networking solutions offer the structure required to assist the communication needs of your business. We can provide widespread solutions of cabling and networking, we are so confident in our skills to understand the problems and satisfy your requirements.

Features of using our Structured Cabling and Networking:

  • Data Network Wiring & Cabling
  • Wireless Routers, Access Points
  • Cable Certification and Testing
  • Telecommunications
  • Structured Cabling Design & Implementation
  • Network Switch

Fibre Optics Splicing & Testing

Profile Corporation is a skilled expertise in fibre optic splicing and testing. As a fastest growing fiber, optical expertise Profile Corporation has accepted any major projects in Qatar.

Proudly can say that our engineers have optic fibre certification and are experienced in fibre optic splicing and testing systems. Our well-experienced crew handles with the modernized high-quality equipment which allows for superior efficiency in the installation process, which require specific fiber Optic splicing tools and kits for cutting, finishing and joining fiber optic cables.

We make available for secured, first-class services on timely delivered. We guarantee that there will be a minimum slowdown, so your business can function at full volume as soon as possible.

Our Fiber Optic splicing and testing tools are carrier-grade and are standardized in a systematic order to confirm that your optic fiber networking is without any disturbances. Our engineers conduct fiber optic testing and repairs to see if your optic fiber cables are properly installed and working

Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing Services Include:

  • Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing
  • Aerial and Underground Fiber Optic Construction
  • Single Mode/Multi-Mode Capabilities
  • Active Fiber Splicing
  • Fiber Optic Reel Testing
  • Network Acceptance Testing
  • Sheath Monitoring Equipment Installation
  • Network Monitoring

Time Attendance & HR Management Services

Profile Corporation’s Time & Attendance services can non-invasively unite with any major HRIS (human resource information system) or payroll systems and third-party time and attendance platforms. The system permits your HR services to set up schedule, shifts, and patterns for your global manpower.

Our solution of Time & Attendance support services enables you to successfully handle, manage and compute the exact accuracy of your worker time put in for fruitful results. Computerized time and attendance have a direct inference on the efficiency and competence of your human resource. You can save unnecessary expenditures, can calculate your labor productivity, can truncate labor charge and uplift employee overall productivity by keeping in check the right time and attendance system.

HR Management services we provide solutions to allies with small, medium and growing businesses to create offices where staffs are appreciated and valued for the input they make. Through teamwork and a common vision, our customers attain high levels of employee engagement which results in greater business performance.

Access Control System

In Qatar, Profile Corporation provides design and installation of access control systems to ensemble precise requirements. We present a wide choice of suave, personalized access control systems architecture together with code, card, and token entry as well as biometric entry and tag entry. All are entirely auditable, which is important for commercial and superior properties.

We also provide the advanced IP-based technology when it comes to designing of its architecture, installation, and servicing access control systems, video surveillance, and intercom/emergency calls.

The most common Access Control components consist of:

  • Proximity/Smart Card or Biometric-based systems
  • Video Surveillance System
  • IP-based Intercom Systems

We are professionally designed, installed, and kept access control systems for many marketable businesses and establishments, including:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Health care facilities
  • Office spaces
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturers
  • Detention centers
  • And more

From the process of designing stage through the installation and continuing service, it is our aim to make sure that we meet our client's needs.

Gate Barrier System

Profile Corporation is one of the innovators of high-end technologies in the state of Qatar, who is recognized gate barrier manufacturers in the Middle East. We are one of the A-one gate barrier suppliers that deliver best automatic security solutions.

Gate Barrier System design is not a new word for people, from old days our ancestors also used gate barriers to stop animals move toward to their fields.

Gate barriers can be managed either automatically or manually.

  • Manual Gate barrier systems operated either through pulley or force dropping.
  • Automatic Gate Barrier Systems is operated by push button or remote control.

With the seamless combination and excellence in electronics, our automatic gate barrier systems will give the perfect solution based on user’s expectations and necessities with the availability of wide varieties of products.

Gate Barrier Systems is one of our intelligent solutions that can support you in controlling and monitoring your business or home better.

Turnstile & Speed Gates

Profile Corporation provides a complete and rousing range of speed gates and turnstile security gates, which collaborate imposing aesthetics with design, functionality, and consistency. Our speed gates and turnstile security systems are designed and produced under solid controls and the electrical components are top rated to guarantee that they meet International standards, and they are one amongst the best offered for quality and reliability.

Turnstiles security system can be of two types Indoor and Outdoor. Primarily operated for outdoor access control, we at Profile Corporation have unceasingly established turnstiles security solutions to fit the desires of the environment, whether that be for interior or exterior unaltered monitoring.

These high required turnstiles security systems are apt for controlling access in settings such as reception areas, public buildings, theme parks, stadiums and construction sites, shopping outlets and many more.

Features of using Turn Stiles:

  • Reliable and durable, low noise and stable operation
  • Gate open automatically when power off to the request of fire protection,
  • The wing gate installed Infrared sensor interfaces, could be extended to Infrared testing function.
  • Breakdown Self-checking and alarm indication, easy for maintenance and using;
  • The passage in both directions electronically controlled
  • Automatically reset function

Profile Corporation’s Speed Gates delivers a smooth and sophisticated choice when you need to balance security needs with aesthetic aspirations. Speed Gate security system is the process that permits authorized people to pass through directly but directs others in another direction, for instance towards a reception desk or other side of the building. Speed Gates offer suitable, fast, and safe access.

Speed gates that are compatible with:

  • Time Recording System
  • ID Readers
  • keypads,
  • boarding pass technology,
  • ticket accepting devices,
  • biometric systems

Automatic Gate Opener System

Profile Corporation has now multiple years of experience in the automatic gate industry. We are licensed by the authorized departments of Qatar. We service almost all the finest and porch area of Qatar.

Profile Corporation brings a huge variety of automatic gate opener system for homes and businesses that offer rich exquisites to your residential or commercial property while offering an extra layer of comfort and security.

Automatic Gate opener we provide:

  • Automatic Gates
  • Driveway Security Gates
  • Electric Gates
  • Slide Security Gates
  • Swing Security Gates
  • Roller Shutters

We provide variety Automatic Gate Opener wireless like:

  • Keypad
  • Remote control
  • Intercom
  • Automatic Timer
  • Wheels
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Card Readers and more

We can service commercial or residential properties. We can provide service to access control systems for pools, phone systems for entryways and any brand of gate operators.

Profile Corporation attempts to confirm your security as well as the comfort of your automatic gate opener system, paralleling with our client's budget to the suitable products and services. By opting Profile Corporation, you can relax knowing your automatic gate openers is in safe and qualified hands and will run smoothing and safely.

Telecommunication/PABX System

Profile Corporation Provide the most cost-effective Telecommunication systems for business. PABX Systems are extensively used in offices, hotels and various other industries. When there is a necessity to use intra-office communication between branches or otherwise, PABX is very important. No modern office can be structured or without PABX.

Incorporates a series of Telecommunication systems and platforms that contain classical PABX and phones all the way through to modern IP communication solutions.

Benefits of Using PABX system

  • Sharing of resources
  • Internal Office calls and calls transferring
  • Call Cost Reduction
  • Incoming Call Control
  • Automated Information
  • Higher Call Volume
  • Courteous Waiting
  • Value for Money

Profile Corporation provides a wide range of services to assist you in your telecommunication system requirements. We have the best staff to support you handle your existing system. Today’s competitive world, businesses need to operate at its peak performance.One method to achieve this is to authorize workforces with improved tools to increase productivity, save time, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Telecommunication services include:

  • Telephone Systems (VoIP and PABX)
  • Fixed and Wireless Broadband
  • Mobile phones and plans
  • fixed line services and corporate pricing plans
  • Project management of installation and relocation
  • Unified Communications
  • Account Management Services

Public Address System

Profile Corporation is the fastest growing Public-Address system application company in and around the state of Qatar. Our sound experts will make certain your system matches your volume, delivering engineered accuracy that guarantees a fresh, crisp message each time.

Whether for theaters, outside concerts, auditoriums – we can take on the acoustic proposal for any place or event and plan appropriate public address (PA) systems.

Profile Corporation’s Public-Address system design delivers an easy way of information and entertainment circulation to the masses while offering excellent scalability and configuration alternatives. We provide you Public Address system from a sole source, letting you achieve your duties as an organizer.

Our PA System Design provides:

  • Send live or recorded messages
  • Integrate with existing sound systems
  • Broadcast emergency notifications or alerts
  • Deliver music programs
  • Can be interacted with many building systems
  • Transmit via IP or wired networks
  • Are customizable to accommodate any size property

Anti-Theft System

Anti-Theft System of Profile Corporation provides best available protection against theft for our clients of all businesses and sizes. We are top-notch market leading supplier of anti-theft solutions and purchaser activity marketing data, enabled by means of our many and numerous product solutions. We can deliver high-quality standard and competent safety concepts at a reasonable price.

Profile Corporation introduces to you state-of-the-art Anti-Theft Systems as an intrusion observing system & services that guard you with a hidden “ring of shield” around your businesses like companies, shops or any other. Security Theft detector system is one anti-theft system solution that is confirmed to protect merchandise against muggers

The escalating heist and crime rates in our state make feeling safe only in our homes or confirming safety to our possessions next to impossible. Anti-theft system security is an absolute necessity for meeting the requirement of automated 24*7 automated security against top-notch muggers and shoplifters.

Key Management System

With digitally controlled security, safety, and control systems as our strength, Profile Corporation is one of the inventors in the automated key management system in the state of Qatar.

The convenience of Using Our Key Management System

  • Fully Managed
  • Centralized Key Management
  • Integrated with your services
  • Encryption for all your applications
  • Built-in Auditing
  • Low-cost
  • Secure
  • Compliance

As a pioneer in the building key management system, Qatar we are familiarized and have hands on experience along with deep knowledge and talent sets. It’s an organic process for us to involve innovative developments and provide only the best to our clientele.

Through a productive automated Key Management system, you can reduce devastation to a fleet of automobiles, sustain secure access to a building or office environment without having to install high-class access control system. As a company functioning on the international marketplace, Profile Corporation offers complete resolutions on the part of key management with our safe electronic lockers.

GPS Tracking System

Profile Corporation is innovative in GPS tracking systems manufactures that delivers industry-leading GPS Tracking System for vehicles to small as well as large companies in and around the State of Qatar.

Our team had an exclusive GPS tracking system, software which is designed to build autonomous tracking server. GPS tracking system advantages agree to control clients for services, usage of custom server name, design, broaden functionality, opportunities are boundless. Profile Corporation has years of market experience and our expertise has molded & delivered scalable explanations with considerable business assistance to our customers.

GPS Tracking System Features:

  • Compact & Certified GPS Tracking System can be hidden in the vehicle
  • Internal GPS & GSM Antennas
  • Relay Circuit to control vehicle ignition in emergency
  • Monitoring of Ignition Status, Speed, Towing, Idling, Geo-Fence facilities.

GPS Tracking System Software Features:

  • Accessible from any internet enabled device
  • Fleet Management
  • Geo-fencing entry-exit alerts
  • Client-specific customization
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Live tracking with a replay of historic tracks
  • Integration with Google Enterprise maps

CCTV System

Profile Corporation makes available an extensive spectrum of CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera system installation and support facilities. Installing a CCTV security system can securely account for the major part of the security technology market.

CCTV System design is rapidly growing utilized for applications beyond crime detection, including traffic monitoring, crowd control and finding operational proficiencies in retail.

The technological abilities of CCTV Security Systems include:

  • Analog and IP camera solutions
  • High definition resolution
  • Motion-activated light and sound deterrence
  • Night vision technology
  • Infrared detection
  • Off-site monitoring and control
  • Multiple camera Viewing
  • Remote Viewing
  • Long Lasting Services

We have all your CCTV camera system needs covered:

  • Professional system installation
  • System configuration and training
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • telephone tech support
  • 24/7 emergency service

One of the biggest nightmares in your home or business is a burglary or an action of vandalism. Our CCTV systems services are delivered by a highly skilled and qualified team of engineers and installers. We, Profile Corporation gives you completely a different variety of CCTV camera systems and solutions to observe activity around your home or business.

Video Intercom

Provided that you have a large multi-national company or a smaller office area, Profile Corporation right video, and intercom system installation can profit you greatly.

We offer a widespread series of video intercom systems equipped with:

  • High-definition sound
  • Moving video monitors
  • Multi-zone capability

We provide different kinds of video and intercom systems, that includes:

  • Video Intercom systems with APP
  • Wireless intercom systems
  • IP Based Intercom systems
  • Audio intercoms
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Wireless doorbell buzzer systems
  • Room to room intercom systems

We deliver personalized video and intercom systems for residential and commercial buildings, schools, colleges, retail and wholesale shops, offices and much more. If you are seeking for a video intercom system for a multi-resident building or for your establishments, you can consult with our professionals to model a security system tailored exactly to your requirements.


IPTV system services are delivered using the architecture and networking methods of the Internet, instead of through traditional radio frequency broadcast or satellite which enables organizations to distribute broadcast-quality digital TV and video over building or campus IP networks (LANs) to a virtually unlimited number of users, with centralized management, configuration, and control.

Satellite Master Antenna Television System (SMATV) satellite system is a community Distribution system for signals received from multiple satellites, Terrestrial channels & Radio. These signals will be mixed with the help of “multiswitch” and distributed with a single and separate cable to each household in the community building.

Installed by Profile Corporation one can distribute cable, satellite, digital program materials, on-demand content, and information channels throughout your facility. We offer broadband or baseband distribution systems to suit your needs.

Digital Signage

Profile Corporation’s digital signage system purvey you the finest digital signage software that is attached to support the required hardware fundamentals. With the effortlessness of installation and intelligent user interface, our digital signage software is perfect to give our clientele’s business power punch kickstart as well as boost it.

The attraction of using our Digital Signage:

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Full preview capability
  • Resolution support for Full HD and beyond
  • QR code integration
  • Interactivity Support
  • Scalable: single or multi-tier setup Layering.
  • Advance tickets and scrollers.
  • Modular Data Interface
  • Web-based content control
  • Social Media Integration
  • Dual Scheduling options
  • Layering.
  • Weather & Stock Updates
  • Remote network management.

Exploit the advantages of digital media technologies for the cabin, digital advertising, assistive selling tools, social media, mobile integration and many more. We can assist your business ventures and establishments in which we can create the perfect digital signage solutions for your requirements.


Profile Corporation is experts to cater the Next Generation State of the Art IT services and software solutions requirements. Software’s has grown over the years with the taste of our customers, the growing market, government norms, developing technology and the ease to achieve in a short period of time. We Specialize in Product Development, Implementation, consulting services and providing software solutions to make your business more efficient. We have successfully over a period of time have delivered on a timely basis far exceeding our top-notch clientele expectation from various sections of Business and infrastructure.


  • Incident Reporting
  • Dispatch & GPS Tracking
  • Vehicle Patrols
  • Guard Tours & Checkpoints
  • Parking Management
  • Security Guard Field Training
  • Automated Operations
  • Employee Administration
  • Business Impact